alex cadreAlexandre del Valle is an essayist and geopolitical analyst. He is the author of Auteur, entre autres publications, de : La Turquie dans l’Europe, un Cheval de Troie islamiste ?, Les Syrtes, 2003 ; Le Complexe occidental. Petit traité de déculpabilisation, Éditions du Toucan, 2014 (Il complesso occidentale. Piccolo trattato di decolpevolizzazione, Paesi Edizioni, 2019); Le Chaos syrien (avec Randa Kassis), Dhow éditions, 2014 ; Les Vrais ennemis de l’Occident, L’Artilleur, 2016 ; La Stratégie de l’intimidation, L’Artilleur, 2018



Tatiana Hachimi est une journaliste belge. Elle a écrit pour de nombreuses revues ou journaux comme The Word Magazine, L’Express, Les Échos, Atlantico, Le Soir… Elle fut également attaché de communication à l’Institut pour l’Égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes.



Jean-Claude Fontanive est délégué général de la chaire « Environnement, changement climatique et transition énergétique » de l’Ipag Business School,
directeur général de la revue Parlements Politiques internationales,
délégué général de l’Odissée (« Organiser le dialogue et l’intelligence sociale dans la société et l’entreprise »)


casadei cadreRodolfo Casadei is an Italian journalist specialized in development and African issues and has travelled extensively in Africa. He has been an international correspondent for the Tempi magazine for which he has travelled to over 45 countries. A former adviser to the Lombardy region presidency, he used to write speeches for the president. He is the author of several books about Africa, the Middle-East and the persecution of Christians. For his work as a journalist, he was awarded the “Premio giornalistico dell’Unione Cattolica della Stampa Italiana (UCSI) in the section “Il genio della donna”, and the second prize in the competition Borsa di studio Oriana Fallaci.


cadre photoRoland Lombardi is an independent consulting geopolitical analyst and a partner in the JFC-Conseil analysis group. He holds a Ph.D in contemporary History and is a lecturer at Aix-Marseille University and associate professor at Sup de Co La Rochelle, Excelia group. Specialized in international relations (Middle-East, Maghreb), security and defense.



maya cadreMaya Khadra was born in Beirut and started her career as a journalist in Lebanon at L’Orient le jour. Also a literary critic, she is currently working on her Ph.D. in literature at La Sorbonne. In 2013 she was awarded a prize in illustrated journalism in French for her reportage on Syrian refugees. She collaborates with various newspapers and Arabic-speaking news channels to comment on political events in France and in the world.


Cesare Sacchettiwas born in Italy in 1983. He’s a journalist and geopolitical analyst graduated with honors in Political Science from La Sapienza University and he’s a journalist. He generally writes about foreign policy, international geopolitics and economics. He has worked for Italian national newspapers such as L’Antidiplomatico, Il Fatto Quotidiano and Libero Quotidiano, where he focused in particular on the influence of international financial lobbies with respect to the policies of European states and the European Union. He is the author of the essay “Storia e protagonisti del vincolo esterno” present in the book “Oltre l’euro” by Paolo Becchi and Alessandro Bianchi (Arianna Editrice in 2015). He recently founded the information site “La cruna dell’ago” ( where he publishes the news often censored by the traditional media of the Italian and European mainstream. He’s on Twitter as @CesareSacchetti