Trump says US is investigating China as ‘they could have stopped coronavirus’

Trump says US are investigating China because they could have stopped coronavirus from spreading

Donald Trump says he is ‘not happy’ with China over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The President said the People’s Republic could have done more to stop the global crisis. He announced his administration was conducting ‘serious investigations’ into what happened. Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States ‘strongly believed’ Beijing failed to report the outbreak in a timely manner and covered up how dangerous the respiratory illness really was. At yesterday’s White House Covid-19 press briefing Trump said: ‘We’re doing very serious investigations… We are not happy with China. ‘There are a lot of ways you can hold them accountable. We believe it could have been stopped at the source. It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.’

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Coronavirus could return seasonally, China’s scientists say

Stamford Hospital Inundated With Patients During Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus will likely be sticking around seasonally — like the common flu — largely because of asymptomatic carriers who can unwittingly spread the virus, according to a report.

“This is very likely to be an epidemic that co-exists with humans for a long time, becomes seasonal and is sustained within human bodies,” said Jin Qi, director of China’s Institute of Pathogen Biology, according to a Bloomberg report.

COVID-19 probably won’t be eradicated like its cousin SARS was nearly two decades ago, because some people who have the virus don’t show signs, meaning it can spread silently.

This makes it hard to contain, unlike SARS, which was eradicated through quarantine, a group of Chinese scientists said Monday.

Meanwhile, dozens of asymptomatic cases keep popping up in China, despite the fact that Beijing claims to have gotten the disease under control, the outlet reported.

Governments and researchers are beginning to agree that the virus won’t disappear, regardless of drastic measures many countries have taken, including stay-at-home orders that are playing havoc on the world’s economy, the report said.

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Ali lays bare facts about Brotherhood, Erdogan, and Islamist separatism in France

Charles de Gaulle said one should, and I quote, “go to the complex Orient with simple ideas”… but the eastern advocates of political Islam say, “go to the simple West with complex ideas of Islamization”.

After a series of deadly attacks by jihadists in France, and the desire of some Muslim citizens affected by the Muslim Brotherhood to separate themselves from the republic, President Emmanuel Macron studied the full dimensions of the problem of what we call today Islamic separatism.

This new policy for building a republican Islam has long been at the heart of the work of think tanks in Paris, including the Center for Middle East Studies in Paris (CEMO), which was founded three years ago by Member of the Egyptian parliament, Editor-In-Chief of The Reference and Director of (CEMO), Abdel Rahim Ali.

This expert on Islam and a lover of French culture has authored many works on the issue of political Islam in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, some of which have been translated and published by L’Harmattan. His experience is very practical in such new policy for building a republican. Islam.

Here is the text of Ali’s interview with the French journalist:

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Spygate: the scandal hidden by the Italian media

by Cesare Sacchetti

The plot of this story is so thick that it could be compared to a spy story penned by the hand of John le Carrè.

But this story is neither a book, nor a movie inspired by the famous author of spy romances. It is real and its name is Spygate.

For the readers who are not familiar with it, we need to proceed with vital details in order to avoid them getting lost in the many passages of this dizzy labyrinth. 

We have addressed this story before, but to better explain what’s Spygate, we must start with a central character of this romance, whose name is professor Joseph Mifsud.

The beginning of the spygate

Joseph Mifsud is an enigmatic Maltese, former professor of Link Campus, a university based in Rome. 

Professor Mifsud was the man who approached then former advisor of Trump campaign advisor, Mr. George Papadopoulos in 2016. 

Papadopoulos took part in a series of conferences held by Link Campus during that period. 

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Trump pays tribute to 2 soldiers killed in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump and Army Chief of Staff Gen. James C. McConville, right of center, salute as an Army carry team moves a transfer case containing the remains of Sgt. 1st Class Antonio Rey Rodriguez.


DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. — President Trump traveled Monday to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to pay respects to two US soldiers killed Saturday in Afghanistan when a soldier dressed in an Afghan army uniform opened fire with a machine gun.

National security adviser Robert O’Brien told reporters traveling with Trump on Air Force One that the president wrapped up a re-election campaign rally in New Hampshire a bit early so he could visit with the families of the soldiers. He described such moments as “probably the toughest thing he does as president,” along with visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

“These are terrible sacrifices for the families. And these guys are heroes, they’re real warriors and did a great job for the American people,” O’Brien said. “These are tough times. It’s tough for the president but he thinks it’s important to be there for the families and recognize them.”

The Defense Department has identified the dead American soldiers as Sgt. Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, and Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28. Six other American soldiers were wounded in the attack.

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The conference on Europe is the next step to the United States of Europe?

The conference on Europe is the next step to the United States of Europe?

by Cesare Sacchetti

A document drafted by France and Germany is circulating in these weeks in the European chancelleries.

The paper is called “The conference on the Future of Europe” and resembles a sort of road-map outlining the future of the European continent.

Once again the French-German axis who heavily sways the European Union took the initiative without involving the other European partners.

The document raised some eyebrows in Europe, considering the growing skepticism coming especially from the Eastern European bloc toward Emmanuel Macron. 

Basically, France and Germany proposed a timeline for this conference, whose main goal should be to lead Europe toward the path of a more integrated political project.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, was certainly the inspirer of this event when the last July  he announced the proposal of this conference before the Special European Council.

In that occasion the French president had proposed also to assign the presidency of this meeting to Guy Verhofstadt, known to be an ardent supporter of the European federalist project, namely the United States of Europe.

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The geopolitics of Trumpism

Trump is not an academic. He isn’t poised, erudite nor serpentine. In 2016 he got elected with three catchy phrases: lock her up, drain the swamp, build the wall. His speeches and the positions he chose to adopt were very far away from the more cautious ones defended by his contenders, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or the last surviving competitor, Ted Cruz. The anti-establishment, anti-elite campaign Trump ran doesn’t remove him from the political spectrum. His discourse, that some tried to paint as brand-new, is part of a long story. His economical and social measures are embedded in American traditions and so is his geopolitical volition.

First let’s shatter one of the most prevailing myths in American history: isolationism. Some have argued that Trump is a dangerous isolationist that wants to break the ties America has with close allies. America’s Declaration of Independence goes back to 1776, after a few decades of soul searching the newborn nation fought Britain again from 1812 to 1815. Few years later (1823) the Monroe Doctrine was enacted, right after Brazil’s independence from the Portuguese crown. A lot of former Spanish colonies had already declared their independence too. This doctrine assumes that no European power … Read More

Vidéo du débat au MWI avec Nicolas Imbert et Alexandre del Valle autour de l’urgence écologique

Alexandre del Valle débattait avec Nicolas Imbert, directeur général de Greencross, autour du sujet de l’urgence climatique.

La prochaine réunion du MWI aura lieu à Bruxelles le 3 décembre à 18h  (à son siège au 52  – 54 avenue de la Sapinière à Uccle) sur le thème : l’Europe face au jihadisme avec l’eurodéputé LR Arnaud Danjean et le président du Centre d’Analyse du Terrorisme Jean-Charles Brisard. 

La conférence sera suivie d’un cocktail et d’une dédicace du nouveau livre d’Alexandre del Valle et d’Emmanuel Razavi : LE PROJET.Read More