The Multipolar World Institute seeks to foster exchanges between countries in the European continent in the context of a geostrategical reflection about the post-Cold War world and the end of the ideological and moral monopoly of a western-centred system.

This aim is carried via two great axes: firstly to foster a common understanding between the “Atlanticist side” (EU/USA) and the Russian Orthodox, post-Soviet world. Indeed in our view, the increasing antagonism between those two sides is only beneficial to the Chinese outsider and prevents the identification of new threats and challenges that are common to both poles (terrorism, mafia, uncontrolled migrations,  non-state entities, climate change, etc.).

Secondly, we want to rethink the place of Western countries in the context of a multi-centered word, characterised by the (re)emergence of (new) poles. Those old and new powers can get along with the West if the latter renounces imposing its universalistic values outside while re-focusing on the defense of its interests inside, in the context of a realistic vision of international relations.